Варианты аренды автомобилей и страховые пакеты

Пожалуйста, прочитайте о различных варианты аренды и контр продукции, чтобы обеспечить безопасную и приятную аренда автомобиля в Кипр опыта

Дополнительный водитель
Additional Driver is an fee for drivers in addition to the renter named in the contract. A maximum of 4 additional drivers per rental contract.
Each additional driver must quality to drive the vehicle (age requirements, valid international driver's license).

We offer the first additional driver free for all online rentals.
Колеса, днище кузова и стекло (ГВП)
An optional insurance sold at a daily rate that covers the car's wheels / underside and glass.

Be careful that WUG is void when driving off road.
Система навигации (GPS)
An optional appliance sold for a daily rate pre-fitted on your car. Our GPS units provide maps and instructions in English.
Our rental agent will explain its features.

GPS appliances are subject to availability and may be sold out when you arrive to pickup your car.

To ensure availability include the GPS with your online car rental.
Child Seat / Booster Seat
We have a vast selection of child seats and booster seats to ensure a safe trip for your family.
When booking a child seat / booster seat make sure you specify the age of your child.
Note that child / booster seats are subject to availability and may not be available when you arrive to pickup your car.

To ensure availability choose the child / booster seat option with you car hire in cyprus.